Principal's Message

Site Principal: Celeste Pico

Assistant Principal: Edward Jones 

Assistant Principal: Erin Williams

Administrative Dean: Stephanie Wingate

Dear Lompoc High School Students and Parents:

As the proud principal of Lompoc High School, I am pleased to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year.  I am thrilled to have our students back on campus and excited to continue the momentum of excellence we have established at Lompoc High School. 

Our primary responsibility is student learning and offering all students the educational opportunities that will maximize their potential.  The responsibility is reinforced in our school’s vision statement, “We believe all students can learn and be successful.  Each student is highly valued”.  This school year we will continue to focus on equity for all students as well as ensuring a culture where all students can achieve a high level of success and support.  We realize that grade level literacy is imperative for student success and will continue to offer support classes in math and English for students to grow and improve their skills.  In addition, Lompoc High maintains rigorous academic course offerings.  Students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement and concurrent enrollment Allan Hancock College classes to better prepare for post-secondary goals.  LHS is also prioritizing Career Technical Education (CTE) and has added some new course offerings to support this need.  Ultimately, providing college and career choices where each student has options and opportunity to plan for the future is our mission.

Staff will continue to be supported in successful learning strategies for 21st century learners and our freshmen will be the focus of intervention for attendance, social emotional learning, and grades.  Additionally, we are focusing on the culture of our school by prioritizing the importance of relationships between staff and students. LHS staff is confident that we will support each student’s needs and will be innovative in creating an environment that is conducive to meeting our students’ academic, mental, and physical growth.  

Attendance is a priority at Lompoc High School.  Attending school daily leads to opportunities.  Not only do students grow more academically and socially, but also eligibility for participating in sports, clubs or other extra-curricular activities is more readily available.  It is important for students to connect to school and get involved.  Each student is encouraged to find a club, sport, program, or staff member that connects them to school.  These connections create a well-rounded, balanced student that employers and colleges find desirable.  Do not forget, you must also maintain a 2.0 grade point average each semester to continue participating. 

Lompoc High School prides itself on its community foundation and support. We are excited to have added a new community track and field and have seen this resource readily used by all stakeholders. This field is a place where memories will continue to be made and Brave Pride will fly high. Thank you to all stakeholders who made this happen and continue to support LHS in its growth and innovation. With that, I wish you all a fulfilling and successful year.



Celeste Pico